What are growing pains?

Growing pains can cause children a lot of pain and discomfort and we as parents often struggle to know how to help them. It’s worth knowing that bones can grow quite quickly but the muscles sometimes struggle to keep up, on average it takes the muscles three months to catch up with the rate of bone growth.This can therefore be associated with problems around the growth plates including Osgood Schlatter's disease  in the front of the knees and Sever's disease at the back of the heel.

Any child can suffer from growing pains, if your child tends to have sudden growth spurts rather than a slow gradual increase in height, they may be more likely to experience an issue associated with it.

The importance of seeking treatment!

It is important to seek treatment for young children suffering with growing pains as soon as you can, due to this being where a lot of problems can start that will most probably carry on into later life. The pain is usually in the form of aching legs, hips, knees and ankles which can easily be relieved with the correct treatment.

This is also the case for children who may have suffered from an injury or ailment during their early years. If left untreated, simple problems from childhood can begin to cause more serious issues, due to poor posture and severe muscle compensation. Over time there is a high chance that these may result in low back pain, knee problems or groin strains in adulthood.

Let them be heard - Invest in your child's health and wellbeing today.

Image: Happy kids without growing pains