Whilst Jane was assisting at Chesterfield FC, I was so impressed by her ability and adaptability that I invited her to return for the following pre-season campaign. Her main role was to assist myself and my assistant in our endeavours to provide the correct modalities of treatment for professional footballers to return fully fit to their chosen sport. To also provide pre/post training and pre/post competition massage.

I was totally impressed with Jane’s ability to work in this environment. Her knowledge of sports injury, rehabilitation and sports techniques are excellent. Her application of massage as a treatment and therapeutic modality was also of an excellent standard. She works well in a team environment and can handle a heavy workload with logical efficiency. Her communication skills are suited to the technical skills she obviously has.

I would certainly recommend Jane for a role in a sports massage team at any level of competition she will be a great asset.

Dave Rushbury

I am an International Fencer and part of the Great Britain Fencing Squad, currently ranked Number 1 in Great Britain. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Jane Watts as a sports massage therapist. I have been treated by her several times and have found her skills and knowledge to be of benefit to me as an elite athlete.

Jon Willis

Jane is a fantastic therapist – she has a depth of experience and expertise that shines through immediately. As a keen amateur runner and triathlete, Jane plays a big part in keeping me going with regular massage; both to prevent and manage over use and injuries. She always provides good after care advice with respect to preventative exercises and stretches. Professional and flexible in terms of fitting in appointments at short notice, I have had no hesitation recommending her to several friends with both acute and chronic injury issues which Jane solved in no time, leaving them equally impressed.

Richard Brown

Without Jane’s treatment on a calf injury I wouldn’t have been able to complete the Chesterfield half marathon last year. Massive recommendation from me.

Diane Peternel

Jane’s professionalism and knowledge is first class. Highly recommended.

Emma Bolton

Jane has been treating me for a number of years. It was through her diagnosis and guidance that I found I needed a knee replacement. She has worked with me throughout the time of the operation and I still find her support and treatment invaluable. She is knowledgeable, experienced and always looking for new opportunities for increasing her knowledge and extending her expertise.

When I have a session booked with Jane I know I shall feel better afterwards and will always have some new insight into my own physical condition and what I can do to improve it.

Liz Hawkins

Having suffered with lower back pain for several years, and feeling that nothing would improve it, I have recently started to have treatment with Jane at Optimum Sports Rehab with great success!

After consultation and massage treatment, I am feeling so much better, and really positive about my long term health. The combination of massage treatment, and advice on changing my posture, and gentle exercise routine, I am well on the way to being pain free.

I would highly recommend Jane.

Emma Pitchford

Jane has been treating my teenage daughter, who is an elite gymnast, for the last 4 years.

She has helped her recover from a long term condition, plantar fasciitis. She has also helped heal lots of short term injuries such as sprains and badly pulled muscles just in time for her to still be able to compete following a heavy training schedule.

Jane has also provided several very helpful plans on how to counteract repeated injuries.


Amanda Johnson

I currently feel like you’ve given me a new lease of lfe, I feel so much better. Thank you.


Thank you SO much for taking the time to respond to my hour of need yesterday eve! Just in the middle of the busy part of your family evening too.

What you diagnosed and what you did both made a huge difference to me physically and mentally. I absolutely detest the idea of being immobile and I felt a real panic when my knee felt so bad and I couldn’t think clearly about how long it would be like that.

When you pinpointed the hamstring rather than structural damage I felt relieved straight away. I did more ice and with painkillers had a good night’s sleep.

Today I feel 100% better though still resting it! Thanks for your expertise