Optimum Sports Rehab offers sports injury treatment within the Chesterfield and surrounding area.

Jane is a highly qualified Sports Therapist with over 20 years of experience in the field of sporting and posture related injuries. She enjoys keeping up to date with the most current theories and ideas on the possible causes of injuries and how to avoid them including anatomy & physiology, fitness, health and nutrition and sports injury treatments including rehabilitation, exercise prescription and strength & conditioning, by regularly attending ‘continuing professional development’ courses, seminars and exhibitions in this field.

Treatments are available at Jane’s treatment clinic at her home in Hasland.



Treatment Clinic at Home

23 Farnsworth Street,
S41 0PD

The treatment clinic contains a commercial JTX treadmill which enables the most efficient gait analysis of the variety of sporting & non sporting people with either acute or chronic recurring injuries. The best way to establish this is to video each individual person’s running or walking biomechanics and slow it down in order to identify any issues which may be causing subsequent problems.

Injury Treatment, Rehab plans and expert advice:

  • £65 per 1 hour session
  • £45 per 45 minute session

The initial session requires you to book in for 1 hour to enable enough time to establish personal background, history of injuries and individual goals and requirements of treatment.

Gait Analysis

This can also be referred to as Movement Evaluation. The human body is designed to move fluently, effectively and efficiently in order to stay healthy and pain free. Over the years we tend to find that previous injuries and altered posture can cause us to pick up bad habits in these movement patterns, leading to altered walking/running gait, overcompensation, muscle imbalances and other overuse injuries.

Through the evaluation of individual functional movement patterns it is possible to find out the underlying cause of the majority of injuries including:

  • foot pain
  • ankle range of movement issues and/or pain
  • knee and hip problems
  • lower back pain and/or injuries
  • back, neck and shoulders pain and/or injuries